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Nano Tape

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Strong Viscosity: Through new nanotechnology and PU gel material, our nano tape is designed to be a very reliable, sturdy and strong tool. Ultra-high stickiness, strong absorptivity, the transparent double-sided tape can hold objects up to 15,65lbs on your walls and surfaces. You can always use more tape to keep even heavier things in place.

Easy to Cut: You can easily cut to any size and length you want! Our Tape can be bended and folded to meet your needs.

Removable, no Residue and Reusable: Our Nano Tape can be removed and leaves no traces (do not use on surfaces that are easily damaged). The transparent tape is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable. When the transparent tape gets dirty, you can wash it with cold water and dry it to regain stickiness. Since the tape is quite sticky, please use it on solid surface.

How to use: The sticky Nano Tape is applied to all smooth and powder-free surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramic tiles and so on. You can stick a variety of small items like keys, pens, decorations and kitchen tools to it. You can also fix carpet mats, organize items and prevent furniture from slipping. Before using it, please make sure that the contact surface is clean and dry. If you want to fix things vertically for a long time, you need to use more tapes. The heavier the item, the more tape you need.