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Discover our multifunctional nano tape!


Washable and reusable

Usable on all smooth surfaces
and some rough surfaces

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Find out what you can use our nano Tape for

  • Stick almost anything to your wall

    Mirrors, picture frames or decorations, as long as the surface is smooth this tape can hold almost anything.

  • Keep things in place

    This tape will hold things like rugs, tables or several other things in place.

  • Be creative!

    We only tested a fraction of the possible uses of this tape, feel free to test the limits!


Does this tape damage the surface upon removal?

That depends on the surface it sticks to. As long as the tape isn't used on surfaces that are easily scratchable with your fingernails (or something similar) everything should be fine.

Whats the best way to remove things from the tape?

That of course depends on the item sticking to it, but generally twisting will do the trick.

How to clean the tape?

Wash the tape thoroughly with cold water and let it dry completely. (Don't use anything besides water to wash it.)